11 Months Later

Work has gotten in the way of creating new blog entries for several reasons–the most prominent reason not being lack of time (I have watched far too many episodes of Dance Moms and Teen Mom for this to be an honest reason).  If you want to know you’ll have to come to happy hour with me on my porch. If you live thousands of miles away then I might Skype it to you but only if you agree to do it while TJ will be off doing hooah things for a whole month. Dance Moms is ending soon and Teen Mom just ended, so it’s going to be an awful month. Do your part and Skype me. With a glass of wine. And just so we get this out of the way; the fact that it is 10am your time and 6pm my time is not an appropriate excuse to not have a happy hour Skype date with me. Grape juice, people!

Suffice it to say, we (sometimes just I) went a bunch of places (Austrian Alps, Prague, Amsterdam, Dublin, Liverpool, London, Paris, Prague, Salzburg, Prague, Venice, Cinque Terre, German Alps, and Prague again) with various friends and family, and had super times with all of them. Thank you, all, for visiting us! However, because of all your visits, the summer went by so fast I don’t even remember it starting. So thanks for that…

I am completely done with classes so I no longer have to stay up at all hours of the night to take class. Which is good for everyone involved. There were beginning to be too many occasions where I remember talking in [virtual] class and then having no idea why I started talking, stringing some words together, and hoping it sounded an ounce more intelligent than a goldfish. I am pretty sure the other students and teachers were thinking what in the world?? Anyway, not having to wake up to an alarm at 2am is amazing. I graduate in December, which I am only posting so that anyone who reads this can start planning a party for me. Thanks in advance.

I’ll leave you with this picture from Cinque Terre, Italy which our waitress took in the midst of us having one of the best seafood dinners ever.

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Lyme Disease and Other Things

TJ has Lyme disease. Awful, right? Not really. I have come to the conclusion he’s faking it. Just take a look at the picture of the supposed “bulls eye” rash on his back. Go ahead, take a gander. People, this rash is perfect. Perfectly round and perfectly bulls-eye-esque. Perfectly fake. I thought he burned himself with a round looking (and bulls eye looking?) object, I was in such disbelief. But this rash is no joke. Apparently with antibiotics he’ll be just fine, and he’s not exhibiting any of the other symptoms that can come with having Lyme disease, so it’s completely ok to point and laugh at him.

In other news, I started substitute teaching this week. All I can think as I walk through the halls is that I never acted like that. WOAH, I certainly never acted like THAT! Aside from the shock of high school students behavior, I barely made it to my first class. I was released into the wild sea of students with verbal (I’m such a bad listener) instructions on how to get to my classroom. The second I walked out of the office door, I was already second guessing whether she said “right” or left.” After taking a deep breath and realizing it cannot possibly be that difficult to find a numbered classroom, I did what any normal person would do. I started to panic. Alas, I ran into one of my athletes from cross country in the hallway during said panic, and threatened her with mile repeats if she didn’t take me to my classroom. She obviously obliged.

We’ll see how physics goes tomorrow. (I never even took physics, ever.)

My parents took the plunge and are coming to see us over Christmas break, which we are ecstatic about. I mean, it’s about time someone came to visit us. We have been here for almost a year now, and have approximately two years left. If I remember correctly (and I do) there were QUITE A FEW friends and family members who said they would come visit, and have not even begun to put a German excursion on their agenda. Now I understand it’s a pretty big to-do. I’m just sayin’…two more years left to visit Germany and have a free place to stay. So come visit me already!

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Bye-bye, Summer

TJ has been home for about 3 months now…and in that time we have:

Cruised to Spain, France, Monaco, and Italy. (AMAZING!)

Visited Prague. And almost went bungee jumping.

Enjoyed time with family in Austria and went white water rafting, where we were purposely thrown off the raft several times into the raging Austrian waters. Something about signing a waver that said there weren’t any laws against trying to drown customers who would unknowingly be rafting with a crazy Canadian-Austrian rafting guide…

Hiked around Pottenstein, Germany. And got lost, which turned a 4 mile hike into a 10 mile hike. Err, we meant to hike 10 miles.

Acquired a shuffleboard table.

and volksmarched, and volksfested and drank a small amount of German beer.

I also quit my job at the gym, finished my 2nd semester of graduate school and started the 3rd, began coaching cross country at the on-base high school (WOOHOO!!!!), and will hopefully be substitute teaching shortly!  This semester, I have one class that is 2am-4am my time…my life never gets boring, that is for certain.

TJ has been playing Flag Football, fantasy football, and all other things football. Oh, and he also works. (Major exaggeration. He is generally gone from the house for at least 12 hours of the day working.)

I think that is about it for the big picture!



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The Last Week

The husband is coming! The husband is coming!

This means this past week was by far the slowest week of my life. I tried to over-schedule myself so that I wouldn’t even know where the week went. Naturally, that didn’t happen.

At approximately 12:00pm on Thursday, I had the brilliant idea of sleeping away the rest of the week. I proceeded to take a nap, without setting an alarm, and did not wake up until 4:30pm. That’s right, a 4.5 hour nap. Granted, I had been up since 4am for work, but I soon realized this brilliant idea was not anything of the sort. I didn’t go to bed at a particularly reasonable hour which made work the next morning go by even slower due to checking the clock every 2 seconds so I could go home and take another nap.

I actually unintentionally made this week very painful. I didn’t mean to, but when YouTube suggests I would like to watch homecoming videos of deployed soldiers coming back to their families, I of course clicked “watch” and then watched all the other suggestions…the cycle was endless. As tears were streaming down my face for the newly reunited families whom were complete strangers, the time in which that reunion would happen for me seemed farther and farther away.

Alas! He is coming home so soon. I made it through the week (was there any doubt?) and it is indeed the absolute final stretch. Which leads me to my next point. Bailey is truly trying to destroy any chance for the husband to come home to a perfectly clean house. Besides purposely shedding 4.7 million dog hairs all over the house, she ate a red pen and got it everywhere, shredded a piece of paper and carried little pieces to several different rooms, rolled around in some kind of animal poop while playing outside, shredded the porch door screen, caught and dissected a huge bug, and tore up several things out of the trash can.

Furthermore, the landlords left me to tend to the flowers……..

My success with keeping plants alive has been far from…successful. Basically, this is an open letter of apology to the husband in case the house is a chaotic mess of dog fur, chewed up paper, and dead plants.

This is definitely all the dog’s fault, and none of my own.

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A Bedroom Tale

On Saturday in the middle of a busy weekend, I was rushing to change clothes. It was impossible to do this without Bailey jumping on me because apparently changing clothes is a fun game. In order to change quickly and without interruption, I kicked Bailey out of the room and shut the door. The door is kind of tricky though, and a person has to give an extra pull on the door handle in order to make sure the door is in fact closed. I did this. And the door handle came off. No big deal, right? This actually happened to me before. I continue to change–I would fix the door handle when I was done.

I start to the put the door handle back on, and the only thing I accomplished was pushing the remaining handle on the outside of the door off.

I am locked in my own room with no one to help me except a whining dog on the other side of the door. At this point in the story, I’d like to tell you that Bailey is one of those amazing pups who saves her owner from rotting away in her own house, but that is just not the case.

Obviously the next thing I did was take a nap. Might as well kill time constructively while waiting for the husband to get home. OH WAIT! He’s won’t be home for months.

I opened the window and peered down. I am on the first floor, but it might as well be the second floor, because that is no first floor jump. Thinking the jump of death was a bad idea, I scanned the room for my cell phone, and luckily it had traveled into the room with me. Surely the landlords would be home.

They were not.

Clearly my only choice was to jump out of the window. Coming to terms with this last resort, I changed out of the flats I was wearing, and into tennis shoes. I obviously left the dress on, because looking like a freak while jumping out of the window of my own house would be far more entertaining for any of my German neighbors who were probably watching.

I made the jump of death without dying, and that is about all you need to know!

I’ll leave you with this…

She decided it was a good idea to go swimming in mud

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Table Saga Ends

I would very much like to take credit for putting up my dining table, however that is just not going to happen. Apparently some people do  not have faith that my gym going tactics were going to work (or some people are just extremely nice, or, trying to win the Landlords of the Year Award…you decide). While I was away at CPR training all freaking day long –I thought for sure we would be able to leave early…I obviously thought wrong–my landlords were gracious enough to walk Bailey, at which point they also set up the table. Hooray! I have a dining table no longer in the box. Not to mention, it’s much easier getting to the bathroom.  Now, just for the remaining 4 chairs to put together, which I can most certainly do. Whether or not that happens soon is an entirely different question, if you had questions.

I am busy people. Seriously. I have got to catch up on Teen Mom, Modern Family, and every other E!, TLC, and MTV reality show now that I know how to get them. That is very time consuming. That on top of a gigantic 4 hours of work each day (gasp)…I just don’t have time for anything else.

Seriously though, I do have an 8-page paper that needs to be done by Thursday, which I thought would write itself, but I was also wrong about that. Whoops!

It’s actually a proven fact that I might die in April. Both of my classes end, which means finals and more papers, and a presentation. Plus, I am getting 2 certifications at the end of the month for work which includes a 100-question test on anatomy and exercise science (no, I have absolutely not retained enough information from sophomore year of college to pass without studying). The good news is: the month of April will go by super fast and then there is only the month of May in the way of TJ returning home (I mean…yuck).

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Father-Daughter Construction Company

Minus the “Father” part. I finally put the dining room set together! That’s a lie. I put two of the six chairs together. And the whole time, all I could think was, constructing things was a lot easier when it was with giant blocks and your dad was helping.

It wasn’t that difficult, but it did take me an hour (partly due to fending off Bailey from eating screws–and nobody wants a few screws loose in a dogs digestive system).

Conclusion: If 2 chairs=1 hour than 6 chairs + a table=no.

Stay tuned for more updates soon-ish.

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Miles of Trials, Trials of Miles

How, how, how do people live on their own? It’s impossible. I have decided.

A self-defeating idiosyncrasy of mine: being stubborn. Please don’t try to tell me this though, I will adamantly deny it. I don’t usually like to point out my faults however I am quite aware of my tendency to want to prove to everyone and their mother that I can do anything on my own. I prefer to use persevering or determined (but I digress). Now I don’t take it as far as to decline help when help is clearly necessary, but I don’t always jump to asking for help before doing everything in my power to do it on my own first.

For example; trying to move our borrowed dining room table to the basement by myself proved to be quite the impossible task. I tried. And proceeded to fail. Enter: nice landlord who helped me finish the chore.

I keep thinking, oh I can do this on my own. I do not need anyone’s help. That is simply wrong. Yet I continue to think it. Example number two: Unloading the new dining room table from the car to the house. I managed to get three of four boxes in. I hope the neighbors were watching the spectacle so that at least it was good for a laugh. Then there was the 4th box. Way to heavy (heavier than my entire body weight) so I left it in the car for a good 24 hours trying to come up with a plan (yes, a plan) on how to get this box into the house on my own. Well I came up with this: leave the box in the car and workout at the gym an unreasonable amount of hours until I am physically able to lift a gigantic 135 pound box. Or Steroids. Am I crazy? That was never happening. Enter: nice landlord, again.

Now of course, I am thinking I can put it all together on my own. Well that’s great Emily, but how in the world are you going to lift the table top into position. Or even from it’s current location blocking off the bathroom (problem).

Don’t worry though I’ll figure something out. I mean, Bailey already helped me open one of the boxes by chewing through it. She does excellent work, I don’t even need to own scissors.

Moral of the story: I haven’t learned anything due to my stubbornness (determination) and will probably continue to create elaborate plans in my head on how exactly I am going to do something on my own until the husband gets back (hurry–my back is hurting!).

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A lot of run-on sentences because I’ve had a lot of black tea

If you’re here you are probably wondering what I have been up to lately. Mostly playing music a few decibels too loud and singing 10 decibels louder.  I am positive (unconfirmed) my landlords (reminder: they live above us) are thrilled about this.

The last two weeks flew by due to Matt Cole having training in Vilseck. Matt, Brittany and their boxer, Patton, stayed with me the whole time. We had a fantastic time! And…having dinner made for me every night was a gigantic plus. Don’t judge my Suzie homemaker skills though; Brittany loves to cook and she offered which was of course fine by me. I did make my grandma’s lasagna with my own twist one night.

Everyone keeps asking me how my job is going. The great thing about my job is not my daily duties. It is the fact that I have to be at the gym 5 out of 7 days of the week. I have been doing a lot more strength training then I normally do because, well, I like to run, and that is what I do. Despite my knowing in order to be able to run again with out getting injured I MUST do a lot of core exercises, as soon as I am running pain-free I stop. The reason for this is, frankly, I view it as a huge time robber. So I got myself a job at the gym so I can make money while robbing my time.  Genius, if I do say so myself.

It is so sunny outside today I had to make sure I wasn’t dreaming when I woke up this morning at 7:30am on my day off because Bailey without fail has to pee. I can’t even sleep until 7:38 (I tried)–I  have decided Bailey can read the clock which is ironic since there is no clock in our bedroom, therefore she also knows how to turn my cell phone on.

Since I have been running on the treadmill (yuck) without pain I am determined to run outside (yay!) today for a long(er) run. I cannot take running on the treadmill for much longer. Friday at work, there were a whole 3 people in the gym. Clearly I was not needed in any capacity to do any actual work so I figured I would kill time by running on the treadmill. I was the only one on a treadmill until about half way through my run. Up until that point, I was going an easy pace, thinking about how much I love running, minding my own business. Then a chic gets on a treadmill behind me. The nerve! This is why I hate the gym (when compared to running outside). I could sense she was going faster than me so I discreetly increased my speed until I felt I was going faster. I am way too competitive. Thanks for that Dad! Luckily, she got off after the equivalent of one mile for me, thank goodness because I couldn’t control my breath much longer (as if I wasn’t working way harder than I had intended).

So there you have it. I have been singing loudly, and having secret races on the treadmill that only I know about.

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2LT Bear Mail

I recently received my first box at the post office. The contents:

This totally made my day. My parents created him at build-a-bear and named him 2LT Walton Too. Bailey misses the real 2LT Walton so much, that she has jumped up on the windowsill several times in attempt to play with her favorite person. I told Bailey that 2LT Walton Too is a pretend TJ, but she refuses to listen.

Here’s Bailey looking at me like she never does anything wrong…

In other news, I almost died this week. There was a blizzard (ok, it was just snowing like normal) and as I was driving on a very windy road I went sliding. I was not in a sled, and not on a sledding hill. This was not meant to happen. I missed hitting a car coming from the other direction by probably a centimeter. I do have to say–after counting beads all week–it was definitely the most exciting part of the whole week. However, I highly prefer to experience excitement in a much different type of setting, namely; not almost getting in car accidents, but alas, I am alive and fine.

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